PMS is real not a punchline

PMS, women's mood swings are always the punchline in male comedy, don't they think if we could control it we would? It doesn't make females unstable or nags, it means we are suffering and there is very little empathy.

The symptoms aren't fun, changes in mood, stress, fatigue, bloating and irritability ranging from mild to down right depressing. You aren't alone if you experience these signs around 90% of women do between 7 - 14 days before their period. For some women there are more severe manifestations such as anxiety, mood swings and depression.

So here's the thing, as I wrote about in my last post our endocannabinoid system plays a role in our reproductive system and the AEA which decreases in the second half of our menstrual cycle has a role to play. As scientists we know that depression is linked to lower levels endocannabinoids so this may explain the low mood and anxiety.

How can CBD help? Well it can help replenish the depleted cannabinoids therefore balancing mood and irritability. There are other natural plant based ingredients that also support this such as ashwagandha, an adaptogen used for years to balance hormones or citral, a terpene found in plants that can help bloating.

If you want to try CBD to help your PMS trying the oil daily across your whole cycle can help. I would recommend 10mg (1 pippette of a good quality CBD) a couple of times a day. Some women find they only need the support in the second half of their cycle, so the couple of weeks before their period, in this case I would suggest a slightly higher dose of 15mg three times a day, this can be increased although the current guidelines suggest no more than 70mg a day. Do remember we are all different and you may have to adjust the dosage up and down and would keep this up for 3 cycles before you really know if it is working for you.

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