What they don't tell women...

One of the things that always struck me through my medical training was firstly how glossed over a lot of women's health issues were unless you wanted to specialise and how totally uncomfortable male physicians were in exploring them further.

This is reflected in the treatments for women specific conditions which have always been based on suppressing our natural bodily functions such as our periods or hormones using pills and patches. Is this a reflection of male dominated science and health arena or are debilitating periods, premenstrual syndrome and hormonal acne way too complicated to treat?

Yes the Pill, HRT are a god send and work for many but wouldn't it be nice to be presented with the full range of options including the natural ones, wouldn't that be the most supportive and empowering thing for women?

I have found in my experience as a doctor that the more in tune women have of their hormones and body the better they can feel and more in control. We also need to appreciate how things like sleep, food, stress and our emotional well being effect our body chemistry.

So where does CBD fit into this?

You may not know but there are cannabinoid receptors through out our WHOLE female reproductive system, in fact the most important thing in are endocannabinoid system is something called AEA which is made in the ovaries. It is involved with the development of follicles, ovulation and pregnancy.

We also have cannabinoid receptors in our brain which control our ovarian hormones and pituaitary so it is logical to conclude that CBD would have an effect on sexual enjoyment, our pleasure as well as the pain and discomfort associated with our reproductive organs.

Using CBD as a natural remedy for period pain goes back centuries, indeed even Queen Victoria used them for her "monthlies". It is a muscle relaxant and powerful anti-inflammatory so help with the cramps, bloating and other symptoms women can experience.

How CBD can help with specific reproductive issues wouldn't be possible to cover in one post so all this week I will be posting on each issue; period pain, PMS, endometriosis, fertility, menopause, fibroids and PCOS.

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