Why our skin loves CBD

We have CBD receptors in all the complex cells that make up our skin which is great news given it is the largest organ in our body and when it doesn't look or feel right it effects our mood and how we feel about ourselves.

As I talked about in my last blog, we have an endo-cannabinoid system in our body and it is this system that CBD interacts with to have such a varied impact. What does this have to do with my spotty, sore skin you ask? Well, it is a major factor in skin inflammation, growth of different types of skin cells and controlling a normal barrier function.

Inflammation is the underlying cause of a number of skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne; CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory - which means it is a match made in heaven for treating and finding some relief from them!

I will take delve a bit deeper into the main skin conditions it can help with below, although it has a general, beneficial affect on your skin even if you don't suffer with a specific complaint.


Any sufferer of this one knows there is no cure so the best we hope for is finding a regime to help manage flare ups. Given this one is caused by the skin losing control over skin cells turn over and the endo system controls cell growth it is a shame no one put these two together sooner.

There are a couple of symptoms with psoriasis, the scaling plaques and the irritation so topical (direct on the skin) application and ingesting CBD such as oil/tinctures can help. CBD balm especially one combined with a rich, moisturising base such as shea will help soften the plaques as well as give some immediate relief to the sore, irritated area. With the millions of receptors in our skin for CBD, it will work more directly. You can add CBD oil to your regime as well has seen some users show fantastic results combining both.


Again acne is an inflammatory condition so CBD works so well on it and the great thing is that it can be combined with other treatments. I would suggest quite a high CBD topical for this (750mg and above) and be consistent and patient. The face cream from Tiers Above did give one customer results overnight with his outbreak but it can usually take a couple of days to see improvement, your skin should feel less sore straight away when applied.


CBD is great for eczema in a couple of ways. As I have elaborated, the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this plant will help with inflamed skin but stress is a trigger for flare ups with this (it is also one for psoriasis too) and CBD is fab at reducing anxiety.

For the patches of ezcema I would definitely recommend a topical with high CBD content, no fragrance or allergens, such as a balm. For reducing anxiety taking the sublingual drops or even gummies work really well.

I have highlighted a couple of common skin conditions but CBD really does work well for so many including skin healing. Topicals are the way with skin but use a couple of times a day at least and avoid parabens and fragrance mix additions.

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